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Cell Phone Batteries, Battery Chargers, Adapters and Accessories

We carry a variety of replacement cell phone batteries, chargers and accessories that are designed for your specific cell phone battery brand and model. Our cell phone batteries will meet and exceed OEM power specifications of your cell phone manufacturer as a replacement cell phone battery. offers a full 1 year warranty on most cell phone batteries and each battery is 100% compatible with its corresponding cell phone model.

Top Cell Phone Brands on the market and major battery types are the Apple cell phone battery, AudioVox cell phone battery, Blackberry cell phone battery, HTC cell phone battery, LG cell phone battery, Motorola cell phone battery, Nokia cell phone battery, Palm cell phone battery, Panasonic cell phone battery, Samsung cell phone battery, Siemens cell phone battery, Sony Ericson cell phone battery, Kyocera cell phone battery, Nextel cell phone battery and Verizon cell phone battery replacements.

Select the manufacturer of your Cell Phone from the list below to find Batteries, Battery Chargers, Adapters, and Accessories.

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Cell phone batteries, cell phone chargers, car adapters and accessories are all available on so you can charge your cell phone on the road or at home. Our cell phone batteries have a 1 year warranty and are 100% OEM compatible. We have an experienced technical support team if you have any questions in regards to cell phone batteries.
Cell Phone Battery Tips:

NiMH and Li-ion cell phone batteries have a battery life of about 1-3 years. Cell phones are used every day; they are often charged at night and discharged during the day. This results in the charging and discharging of batteries approximately 365 times or more per year. NiMH and Li-ion batteries have a charge / discharge life of 300-500 cycles. Given this, it is quite common for your cell phone battery to lose its capacity after the first year. Users also tend to treat cell phones very ruggedly; dropping them, and leaving them exposed to sunlight, high heat, moisture and spills. It's often surprising how much abuse cellular phone batteries can take.

Aftermarket cell phone batteries are available to replace your OEM battery. Aftermarket cell phone batteries can have a higher capacity, last longer and offer better quality over OEM batteries. We offer a 1 year warranty on cell phone batteries and are 100% compatible with the original phone battery. All of our cell phone batteries meet UL, CE, FCC and RoHS standards to ensure safe and high quality cell phone batteries.

You can maximize the battery life of your cell phone battery by conserving some of the power. Turn off your cell phone when you will have no reception or will be in a meeting for a long time. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth connections when you are not using them. Set your ringer volume low and avoid using the vibration mode ringer for answering calls. Turn your cell phone screen brightness down and set your screen saver to activate quickly. If you are driving a long distance, use a cell phone car charger to keep your battery life full. By using a few power saving tips for your cell phone, you can get more life out of your cell phone battery.
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